Published by Kids

Guaranteed to help students increase their writing scores on Common Core assessment tests!

Kids write stories on their smartphones, tablets
or computers:

  • Kids can add photos, drawings, stickers, etc.
  • Stories are published and can be read by anyone
  • Kids put more effort in their stories and become great writers!

How do teachers use Published by Kids?

  • Teachers give writing assignments to students
  • Classmates rate stories according to Common Core Standards (CCS)
  • Kids clone and improve their story until it gets a good review from their peers
  • Kids can invite their teachers to read and rate their story

Finally, an effective tool that helps students improve their writing!
Plus, it saves teachers time!

  • Search stories by category
  • Sort stories by most read or most recent

Each story shows:

  • Title
  • Author name & Avatar
  • Times read
  • Category
  • Rating
  • Awards

Search Stories by:

  • Story name
  • Student name
  • Country
  • School or Teacher
  • Topic and Mode

Here users can read stories from their children
or other kids from around the world!

  • Kids can choose “Mode” and “Topics” based on their grade level
    -  Mode Examples: Persuasive, Documentary, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, etc.
    -  Topic Examples: “My First Pet”, “If I Could Fly”,
    “How I Would Change the World”, etc.
  • Special Features: Spell-check, cut/paste, add photos, drawings and stickers
  • “Help” button guides kids on specific things they should know when writing a story
  • Students rate story based on CCS Writing Rubric
  • Students can create multiple drafts by cloning stories
  • Invite friends/teacher to read and rate story
Users get a push notification every time a friend rates a story.

Users can see how many friends have
rated their stories.

Users get a push notification every time a friend creates a story.

Users can see how many new stories
friends have created.

Users can find all their friends and read
their stories.

Kids can invite friends, family and teachers to
read their stories via text, e-mail and Facebook.

Classmates, friends, family and
teachers can read and rate stories
using a writing rubric based on
Common Core Standards (CCS).

Rubric rating system is
on a scale from 1 to 5

Readers of the story can
add comments for
anyone to see.

Rubric rating system is
on a scale from 1 to 5

“View Ratings” displays all
of the ratings for a specific story.

This shows all of the reviews
for a specific story and the
average score and comment
for each review.

Click on each review to see
detailed information.

Awards and trophies are given according to ratings from peers & teachers.

Export the Story

Teachers are allowed to export the text of the stories so they can check for plagiarism on

Epub Files

  • At the end of the year, an Epub file will be created featuring all of the stories from
    students in the school.
  • Parents will be able to purchase the e-book. School receives e-book for FREE.
  • Parents will be able to compare their child’s writing with students in the same grade.
  • Teachers can proudly showcase their students’ writing.
  • Students can view stories from previous classes.

Hardbound Book

Parents can purchase a hardbound book with their child’s stories. This book will include the student’s name on the front cover and will have an “About the Author” page. This makes the student a published author and will instill a lifelong love of writing!

Why introduce Published by Kids in your School?

  1. Getting published excites and motivates kids to put more effort into their writing.
  2. Guaranteed to help kids become better writers.
  3. The best tool for improving student writing scores on Common Core assessment tests.

Friendzy apps can greatly help your students
excel in school because they:

  • Meet the Common Core Standards of Education
  • Are guaranteed to increase students’ grades in all subjects
  • Are fun to use and allow students to learn anywhere, anytime, from their
    smartphones and tablets
  • Offer “adaptive learning,” enabling students to learn at their own pace
  • Send weekly reports to parents and teachers showing students’ progress

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